Hi everyone! Since I started tweeting about WinDbg and debugging, I’ve been thinking about some longer things I want to write that don’t really fit on twitter. I’ve done a few of these as videos on my YouTube channel, but those are time consuming to make and most people don’t seem to watch the whole video. So I think a lot of what I want to talk about is probably best suited for a blog format.

In any case, I plan to talk about a few different things. For one, I’ll write about WinDbg and other Windows debugging tools. It’s an area I’ve worked on for more than a decade, and there are lots of things I’ve learned that I think you might find helpful for low level debugging, reverse engineering, and other development work on Windows. The second area that I plan to write about is the art and science of debugging itself. While building debugging tools, I’ve had the chance to spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to be effective at debugging problems. Sometimes it’s about knowing the right tool to use, but often it’s just as important to understand the process of debugging.